Union Bank Foreclosure Process, Loan and Mortgage Modification Programs


Union Bank ensures that they understand the situation that their customers are in. Loan modification programs are offered by this bank to make it easier for you to pay your dues. They know how hard it is to pay loans and mortgages these days. It seems so easy at first but once you start paying, there is a chance that you will see that it is not that feasible to pay. When money is just enough for your daily needs, it might really be very difficult to pay for the mortgage. There are consequences that come with missing payments. No matter what reason you have, Union Bank will understand this which is why they offer a loan modification program to make things easier.

Union Bank Foreclosure Assistance and Mortgage Modifications

Union Bank does not support the Making Home Affordable Program. Instead, they do have their own loan modification options which they offer to their customers. They will help you refinance your loans according to what will benefit you. Although it seems similar to the Making Home Affordable Program, what makes it different is that their loan modification program is flexible. They have a personalized loan modification program that will be good for both the bank and the borrower. Those who get refinancing of loans from Union Bank will definitely benefit from it.

This sounds amazing but there are qualifications when applying for the loan modification. Those who can apply for a loan modification are those who have no work, physical disabilities, medical problems within the family and with valid reason for hardships. Requirements have to be completed before the application gets approved. This is very important because a lot of applicants are also waiting to get approved. There are some who are really prioritized than the others. It is best to ensure that you are ready with all the requirements for the application before proceeding with it.

Mortgage Payment Assistance

Try to avoid foreclosure and make sure that you process your application so that it gets approved. Do not allow your family to suffer and lose your home. In situations like these, Union Bank will really help you with a loan modification. The situation will be analyzed and they will give you information on the loan modification. From here, you will be able to determine the loan modification that will really be helpful for your situation.

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