Top Five Foreclosure Attorneys In The U.S.

by admin on April 10, 2015

There are few things more traumatic than losing one’s home to foreclosure. But that outcome doesn’t have to be inevitable. With a skilled and knowledgeable lawyer, clients can often escape that fate and work out solutions that allow them to remain in their homes. These lawyers examine clients’ mortgage agreements, looking for language or practices within these documents that would indicate deceptive or fraudulent lending practices. They can also file claims with lending institutions or negotiate with them to come up with alternatives to foreclosure, such as loan modifications. Potential clients should be careful in selecting a lawyer to represent them in this area, as not all attorneys specialize in foreclosure defense or real estate law. And one of the unfortunate aspects of the real estate bust of nearly a decade ago was an outpouring of dishonest “foreclosure lawyers” who left clients with more stress and bills. But for those willing to do research, foreclosure lawyers who both fight for their clients and win are out there, as the examples below illustrate.

Timothy McFarlin
Located in Irvine, California and the managing partner of McFarlin LLP, McFarlin specializes in debt restructuring, bankruptcy, business litigation, consumer law, mortgage litigation, and real estate law. Because of his expertise in this area, he has been the featured speaker at Orange County Bar Association Events, Real Estate Division, talking about topics such as foreclosures, mortgage litigation and short sales. His clients have ranged from private individuals to large national corporations.

Clark & Washington
Based in Atlanta, Georgia, this large legal practice has multiple offices around the state, as well in Florida and Tennessee. Highly regarded for their bankruptcy work, the firm also specializes in foreclosures, and offers clients restructuring and credit counseling.

Russ Cope
This Dayton, Ohio attorney is one of southern Ohio’s biggest bankruptcy lawyers, and one of that area’s most successful foreclosure lawyers. His firm specializes in negotiated alternatives with lenders.

Jason Rapa
The founder of the Rapa Law office in Lehighton, Pennsylvania, Rapa serves clients in the Lehigh Valley and communities within the Poconos area, as well as the state at large. He specializes in foreclosures, bankruptcy, and consumer protection.

Richard Ravosa
Senior partner at the Ravosa Law Office in Boston, Massachusetts, Ravosa is also the most highly rated lawyer on this list, described as “superb” by clients and peers alike. Considered a master legal strategist, the veteran lawyer also maintains law offices in Salem and Natick, Massachusetts.

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