San Antonio Texas Foreclosure Help, Defense, Laws and Process


The world of mortgage and loan is not as safe as it promises to be. Spite there has been several controversies which have resulted into sad results by way of improper and unethical terms of loan. Foreclosure is one of such advance facility that tend to hurt an individual very badly when its principal amount or interest is defaulted upon. It literally turns a man down to the road from the house in which he was living as this type of loans and advances are made by putting the residence or any other property at stake. The recent incidents in Texas have lead to a cry in all over the States and each and everyone has a similar thing to say- Stop foreclosure in San Antonio.

San Antonio is regarded as the home of the fearless yet people living over there now fear foreclosures. San Antonio foreclosure process is carried out in Texas by three ways, namely, Original Purchase Money or refinance, which falls into the category of non judicial terms, Home equity loans and property tax loans, which falls under the purview of both, judicial and non-judicial and property taxes owed to the government, which falls into the category of judicial.

San Antonio Texas Foreclosure Process

  • The non judicial term or Original Purchase Money system is based on trust deeds which are executed between the lender and the borrower. The trust deed reserves expressed power in the hands of the lender to sale the property of the borrower incase of his default, without even obtaining any prior approval of the court. But the situation reserves the right of the borrower too by way of a notice of default which will be sent to the borrower at least before 20 days, providing the borrower with a chance to rectify and the second notice is sent before 21 days of sale of property to the borrower as well as the public.
  • Coming to the hybrid form, that is, home equity loan and property tax loan, the lender must take prior approval of the court before foreclosure of sale. Lender shall make an application to the court for the approval of such sale and a copy of such application shall also be sent to the borrower. In return the borrower shall have a period of 38 days to defend himself.
  • On the other hand, Property taxes owed to the Government is in the judicial form as it reflects the replica of a traditional lawsuit. This is the shortest form of foreclosure procedure where a proper case is fought between the lender and the borrower and where the lender loses, the Judge shall pass an order to sell the house by way of auction.

Thus, we come to know, that how important is it, to prevent and avoid foreclosure in San Antonio. Various government assistance and government help are available in order to get relief. Along with expert advice and agency of the professionals too act as a helping hand in such a case. San Antonio Foreclosure Assistance is another example for remedy under the foreclosure. There are certain links which can also provide remedy such as

Moreover the Texas state does not provide a provision for non-judicial instrument of foreclosure for lenders that means that no sale deeds or mortgage papers are required, in fact, in case you miss out the number of installments (generally three).

But above all, the best way of negotiation under foreclosure is to get loan modification, which acts as a boon in such a case. A little bit of analysis and know how about the terms relating to law can definitely save your house from being sold as law has a provision for every situation.