Quicken Loans Inc. Foreclosure Process, Loan and Mortgage Modification Programs


Quicken Loans, Inc, is one of the reliable lending institutions that people can run to. A company founded during 1985, this was previously known as the Rock Financial, Corp. In 1999, they changed their name to Quicken Loans, Inc. offering mortgage loan solutions to those who want to purchase a home or keep the ones they are currently living in. The bank provides a loan modification service that matches no other. They even offer services online for retail and lender mortgages in the United States. Other services that are ready for borrowers are loan modification, refinancing, reverse mortgage, direct access to mortgage specialists, loan options home equities, real-time loan comparison, real-time loan status information and home-financing education.

Quicken Loans Inc. Foreclosure Assistance and Mortgage Modifications

This bank focuses on their refinancing division. As much as they can help people with their home mortgages, they will. As a result of this, they were able to come up with the Quicken Loans Mortgage Services. It is a type of loan modification program that improves the payment terms of their clients. For those outside the vicinity of the United States, they can enjoy this offer.

Banks in general are becoming stricter in approving loan modification applications. They have to make sure that they are very critical in making the decision to find out who is qualified or not. As the applicant, you have to do your part in finding out if you are qualified for this or not. You will find that although a loan modification may sound helpful, it may not necessarily be the one that is the perfect solution.

Quicken Loans Mortgage Services will be able to deliver service as you can expect it. For the longest time, they are known to provide customers with only the best. This also applies for this program too. Clients will be able to choose from the different options for a loan modification. No matter what it is that they are experiencing, they will be able to start working with the right loan modification program from Quicken Loans Mortgage Services.

Mortgage Payment Assistance

Recently, they have joint business with the Fortress Investment Group LCC. The public has been waiting for what comes with this joint venture as is it a big step taken. The bank has carefully strategized refinance options for customers. They make sure that payment term adjustments are made properly. Two companies will share equal benefit from their loan modification programs. They also make sure that borrowers will benefit as well.

Contact Information:

20555 Victor Parkway
Livonia, MI 48152
United States
Founded in 1985
Phone: 734-462-1431
Fax: 734-805-7073