Philadelphia Pennsylvania Foreclosure Help, Defense, Laws and Process


When the time of payments approaches and you are empty hands then you get struck in a major trouble. The foreclosure process in Philadelphia is not that much tedious. Applying for mortgage is not a big deal but dealing with steps is. When we apply for mortgage we should be very careful. It is necessary for us to check whether we can afford to pay the monthly installments or not. Since one nonpayment can lead to Philadelphia foreclosure process.

Owning a home is not as easy as it sounds; in the current scenario it is impossible for a regular wage earner to own a home in an expensive city like Philadelphia in the state of Pennsylvania. People are quite aware of the facts like loan modification and mortgage help. Even they approach for government help and work hard to maintain their credit score. Because you will always opt-in for taking up credit from a bank it is quite possible that you end up getting your assets foreclosed by the government as you might not be capable of paying up the debts. This quite often happens during a bad state in stock markets and happened on a very large scale during the recessions in the 2008. By this article we tend to guide you through the process of foreclosure in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Only true lenders help you in coming out of the foreclosure. If you don’t repay in certain given period then you lose your property forever. So these are the ways which can make you stop foreclosure in Philadelphia.

Stop Foreclosure in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • If for the third time you tend to miss the installment then the lender would send you a demand notice specifying the amount due along with the delay fees added and also begin the process of foreclosure. But this is not the end. A 30 day deadline comes to you help.
  • Short sale is another option. If you are not able to think of anything to stop foreclosure then you have to go for short sale option. It is seen that short scale only affects your credit status but doesn’t make you bankrupt.
  • If you miss the installment the fourth time. And you have not already arranged for the payments mentioned in the demand letter then the lender’s attorney will start interfering. Soon after the end of the period of 30 days. The attorney would set up a sheriff’s or public trustee’s sale; this date will be marked as the date of foreclosure. And a notice would be taped to your door, and you will be notified in every possible communication channel. It will also trigger the beginning of the redemption period.

Here are some links which offer reliable assistance on foreclosures in Philadelphia Pennsylvania:

These links will surely assist you. Further you can just note down these foreclosure assistance points to avoid Philadelphia foreclosure process.

Philadelphia Pennsylvania Foreclosure Process

  • Never miss a mail from the mortgage company. These mails usually contain help topics and offer which can be very beneficial for you.
  • If a counseling company is ready to provide free service in Philadelphia then you should always avoid such kind of companies as they as fraud.
  • A foreclosure can’t be stopped in 5 minutes. So beware of the false advertisements in which you are given assurance of stopping the foreclosure process in few minutes.

So, in this way you can make out the ways in which you can handle Philadelphia foreclosure process and protect your home from the bank. Therefore don’t run away from it instead of facing it and solving the problem.