Miami Florida Foreclosure Help, Defense, Laws and Process


When fate deals its cruel wrath on you, the first thing you’ll do is look for a place to hide. When this problem is financial in nature it becomes even more stressful. When you have specifically planned to develop a property you adore, you give it your all. Then over time should your lender or creditor come knocking for foreclosure you wonder what to do next. Mortgage help could be your friend at times, but when you fail to comply with the stipulated policy it becomes a fiend.

When in such a fix some people make one key mistake. They keep quite and don’t want others to know their unfortunate state. Additionally, these same people don’t want to open up to opportunities that could save them from foreclosure. What is even more dangerous is trying to hide and cutting off all communication with the lender. This act of avoidance could motivate your lender to quickly affect the notice. It is advisable to try and accept your fate, but most importantly to work on how you are going to come out of the mix.

It isn’t over till the fat lady sings. Once you are faced with foreclosure it is always possible to stop it. There are advice agencies which should have an attorney who can help you. Or the assistance may come from the federal government (free of charge), or if you so wish from private law firms. The most probable way of stopping a foreclosure, is to file for bankruptcy. But note that it this is not always recommendable. Thus you should confirm with your attorney of choice to try and construct a customer tailored solution to your problem.

Cash at this time could be the hardest thing to come by; thus hiring a legal firm would be hard especially if they demand for a fee upfront. Don’t worry though as there is always the government assistance program which deals with stopping foreclosure and helping you move on with your life.

Stop Foreclosure in Miami, Florida

There are various ways of evading or stopping a foreclosure, which all require one to have the know how of foreclosure law and other legal procedures. You may be wondering how it could work out for you.

  • Don’t die in silence – A mistake that many individuals do is to suffer in silence. They forget that those that they shut out could be their saviors. Remember all you need are funds to clear your outstanding mortgage payments, no matter what. Never cut out your creditor communication wise. They should know of your financial situation so that you can negotiate a deal that could enable you to clear your balance.
  • There are many ways to kill a cat – Your attorney may advice you on how you can sell your equity to raise money. Some of your not so critical property could be sold to cater for this. You could also cost cut on your daily expenses. Through an agreement with your bank you could also get a loan modification package that could enable you to service your credit. Once you pay a little portion of it, it could give you time to redeem your credit standing.
  • Involve the best – It is always better to involve experienced and reliable legal advisers in such cases. There are the real practitioners and then there are quacks. So be on the look out. Government help through agencies still remains the best bet.

Miami, Florida Foreclosure Process

In Miami both judicial and non judicial foreclosures are practiced, with a limited timeline of 4-9 months. There are no rights of redemption. After the time line expires the lender gives the debtor a notice which prompts them to prepare for foreclosure. After that the lender attains jurisdiction over the property.