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by admin on February 15, 2009

Loan modification is the latest fad and necessity to hit the financial markets and many companies are offering this facility. It is logical that when the demand for something increases, it gives opportunity to other industries and verticals to offer products that enable its smooth running. The software industry has always been at the forefront in providing such products and CasiMod is software that has been first off the block.

This software has been cleverly intended to meet the requirements of the different components in the chain of loan modification. So it is of immense value at the point of sale level and also at the main processing hub. The software helps at every stage from sales to order tracking to the processing and finally managing. Regular feedback mechanism is also a part of the package. This system also permits you to reach and find details of the customer’s finances suggest a workable solution and have a discussion with the customer. The end result is a package that is sent to the customer. The regular feedback utility that has been built in helps you to maintain regular contact and convey the progress to the customer. Your productivity is thus improved with this software and we would be happy to show you a demo at your convenience.

Some easy to understand process details are as under:

a. Name of the customer

b. Finance details of the customer in the worksheet

c. Check whether customer qualifies and generates different proposals. After discussion with customer, one of the proposals is agreed upon.

d. Dispatch the agreement and wait for the customer’s consent through his signature.

5. Dispatch agreement to the creditor.

The various features of the software are:

  • Keeping tags on customers who have opted for loan modification
  • Choosing the right report from the options to benefit the customer
  • Dispatching status through the net to let customer know the position
  • Talking and discussing with partners to make sure everybody is on the same page
  • Tracking outstanding documentation to be collected from the customer
  • Sending an intimation to other customers based on inbuilt specifications
  • Maintaining the agreed schedule and reminding customers about the dates
  • Changing the sales pitch verbiage to suit changing situations
  • Tracking the repayments committed by the customers
  • Enabling customization to meet individual customer needs

There are other advantages that are built into the software which makes the entire process of loan modification transparent and easy to manage. This has made life convenient for all the parties in the transaction, the customer, the agency and the creditor.

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