Is there a national list of homes that are in the foreclosure process?

by oliver on September 30, 2010


Is there a national list of homes that are in the foreclosure process?

I’m a renter, I’d like to make sure and keep an eye out that the house I’m living in is not being foreclosed on.


The foreclosure process is a public issue therefore, details and events with regards to this process is published in the local newspaper. You can also check in your local county office the list of all the homes which are being foreclosed on in your community. You can check the list and write down the name of the document file. There are also some websites that give a list of the homes which are facing foreclosure. However, these sites are quite late and are not really updated.

Sometimes, if the borrower is not living in the area, the paperwork will be sent to his residence address. However, a copy of the paperwork will also be sent to the address of the property, to make sure that the borrower receives the necessary communication.

There are many people or renters who do not keep an eye with regards to the possible foreclosure of their home. Being vigilant is really important in this kind of situation because once a renter is not updated with the matters of the house, he might wake up one morning and find that he is no longer allowed to rent and must vacate the area at once.

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