If a foreclosure process has not begun, can the homeowner sell our appliances?

by oliver on September 30, 2010


If a foreclosure process has not begun, can the homeowner sell our appliances?

My brother in law has just filed Bankruptcy and included his house. The foreclosure process has NOT begun. Can he sell his appliances without getting in trouble?

2 years ago

I don’t know whether he purchased them or not after purchasing the house. I know he has filed the BK, but it has not been discharged yet. His Mortgage company has not even begun the foreclosure process. He came to me because my mom is a real estate agent, but she didn’t know the answer to this either.



If the appliances in his house were bought separately by him, they can be sold to the public. The appliances which came with the house or those that were already installed prior to your mortgage loan cannot be sold. Lastly, the appliances that were bought by your brother-in-law that served as replacements for the appliances which were already there, cannot be sold. An example would be, if he bought an oven which replaced the old oven in the mortgaged house, he cannot sell that oven. However, if the house did not initially have a washer or dryer and your brother-in-law bought them, they are to be sold and removed.

Actually, his filing for a bankruptcy can stop or prevent the foreclosure process. If things run smoothly, his BK filing will be approved and he will not face foreclosure. However, if his application is not approved, he will be facing foreclosure. He can talk to a bankruptcy attorney in order to know the pertinent information regarding the whole process. If he wants to keep his house, he can take other options in order to prevent the foreclosure. Remember that being foreclosed on will greatly affect his credit rating therefore affecting his loan applications, job applications, credit card interest rates and other future transactions.

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