HUD Foreclosure Guide Part 4 – Moving On

by admin on February 20, 2009

If your house has already gone into foreclosure, you do have one very last attempt to get it back. After your house has foreclosed this period of time is called the redemption period when you can still try and reclaim your home. You will be required to pay back the entire loan balance that you still owed and any costs incurred by your lender as the house was getting foreclosed. Each state has different laws on foreclosure, but almost all of them have some kind of redeption period, learn more about foreclosure laws.

If the redemption period has expired, it’s time to starting looking for a rental house or apartment. HUD manages the federal housing programs – one of which is Public Housing and Housing Choice Vouchers (Section 8). If your house went into foreclosure it doesn’t mean you automatically qualify for Section 8, you should examine the local renting information in more detail on the HUD site. Each state also has its own housing assistance programs, you can find out more about that from the HUD site as well.

Need relocation resources? The HUD has a link to help you learn about moving complaints and movers with a negative track record. You may also want to check out, the Ten Tips for Tenants where they lay out tenant rights in renting a house or an apartment.

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