How Much Notice Do I Have to Leave in Foreclosure in Texas?

by admin on September 13, 2010


How Much Notice Do I Have to Leave in Foreclosure in Texas?


The length of the foreclosure process depends on every state. Usually, the process takes place for about 90 to 100 days if the case is uncontested. The foreclosure begins with the homeowner receiving a written notice of foreclosure. Once the homeowner receives the notice, it usually takes for about 20 days before the formal process of foreclosure begins. During this time, the court will conduct hearing with regards to the foreclosure of your home or property. During this time, you can work out an agreement with your lender in order for you to keep your house. During this time it is recommended you seek foreclosure help in Texas.

If no agreement was made between you and your lender, the request for foreclosure will be granted. Some time after the grant, you will receive a written notice of foreclosure sale, sheriff’s sale, or public auction. This written notice is usually given at least 21 days before the actual date of sale. At the public auction or foreclosure sale, the home or property will be sold to the public through bidding. The person or party who gives the highest bid will get the house or property. After the auction, the new owner can already take over the property. In case the previous owners of the home are still occupying the property after the auction, a notice of eviction will be given to them.

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