How long is the foreclosure process in California (Riverside County)?

by oliver on September 30, 2010


How long is the foreclosure process in California (Riverside County)?

A friend is three months behind on their mortgage. They say they have still not received any certified letters or anything. If they decide to stay in the house, approximately how long would they have before the foreclosure and eviction? Again, this is Riverside County. (Please only answer if you have first hand knowledge of this process.)


Since they have not received any notice yet, the process of foreclosure has not started. The foreclosure process starts once they receive a notice of foreclosure and a schedule for a court hearing. This notice is usually given after three months of missed mortgage payments. The whole process of foreclosure normally takes 90 to 100 days if the case is uncontested. Take note that once the notice of foreclosure is issued, there can still be a lot of ways in order to keep the property and eventually avoid foreclosure. Your friends can apply for refinancing or loan modification in order to make their mortgage payment current. They can also talk to their lender and work out a forbearance agreement. If they do not know the details of foreclosure prevention, tell them to talk to a counselor or real estate attorney. If no agreement was made to stop the foreclosure, they will receive a notice of foreclosure sale, informing them that the property will be sold to the public thru auction at a scheduled time and date. After the auction, the new owner or the lender will repossess the house and can request for the start of the eviction process if the previous owner is still staying in the house.

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