How can I tell if the house that I’m in is in preforeclosure ? or going through the foreclosure process?

by oliver on September 30, 2010


How can I tell if the house that I’m in is in pre-foreclosure ? Or going through the foreclosure process?

I’m renting a house right now and I know that the owner is not paying his mortgage. What can I do / or which website can I go to in order to find out that the house that I’m in is in pre-foreclosure?


There is no website that will be able to tell you whether or not your property is facing foreclosure. Most websites are not current or a 6 or more months behind. The best step that you need to do in order to know if your property faces foreclosure is to go to your local courthouse and ask the clerk where the list of foreclosure homes is located. Go to that list and check if the property in question is there. If it is, write down the document number, and give the list back to the clerk. Ask the clerk to pull out the file of that property and there you will see information regarding the notices that have been sent to the borrower and the schedule of the date of sale of the property, in case the foreclosure process is pushed through. Once the date of sale approaches and the property is sold to the highest bidder successfully, there will be a transfer of ownership from the borrower to the new owner. If the sale is finished and the ownership has been transferred, then all tenants irregardless if they are paying their mortgage or not, should move out of the house.

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