Hialeah Florida Foreclosure Help, Defense, Laws and Process


Hialeah is the fifth largest city of Florida. The people of Hialeah are very hard working and that is they face less economical problems. This article targets those residents of Hialeah which are in trouble and facing foreclosure. Many of you must be always making yourself aware about the topics like mortgage help and avoidance of bankruptcy. Nowadays these topics are very important and their study makes you aware of the latest economic trends. You must always approach for government help if you are facing any kind of mortgage fraud. Government assistance in the city of Hialeah is very effective.

There are many things which you must do if you are facing a foreclosure process. Few basic must to do points to stop Hialeah foreclosure process are as follows:

Stop Foreclosure in Hialeah, Florida

  • Counseling: As soon as you get to know about the initiation of the foreclosure process you must approach a counseling service which can provide you instantaneous help.
  • Mortgage modification plan: many of us try many services but everything fails to do help us. At that time you must immediately approach your bank and ask for mortgage modification plan which can provide you time for the re payments and stop foreclosure for that moment.
  • Deed in lieu of the foreclosure: this document which if you have already signed with your lender can help you very much. Due to this document your property is handed over to you again by your lender and you even get some low amount for that. But this deed just depends on the lender.
  • Short sale: many of you know about the option of short sale. In short sale you sell your property to the lender and get money which helps you in stopping foreclosure.

Hialeah foreclosure process is not a very tedious work to handle. But you should always be careful as the foreclosure process will set to take your home away from you. You should also remember that the foreclosure process in the city of Hialeah is governed by the laws of the state of Florida and more exact details can be found here https://www.foreclosureprocess.org/florida. moreover the Florida state does not provide a provision for non-judicial instrument of foreclosure for lenders that means that no sale deeds or mortgage papers are required, infact, in case you miss out the number of installments (generally three), your lender will appoint an attorney who will sue you in the court of law, a lawsuit will be filed and a case of non-repayment of loan will be prosecuted, regardless of the fact that you attend the prosecution or not. And thus the attorney will get the foreclosure orders issued and the Hialeah foreclosure process will be initiated.

Although there aren’t any HUD verified agencies or counselors in the Hialeah city, still it is recommended to get in touch with such agency even if it is located at a distance. Avoiding the Hialeah foreclosure process would not be that difficult if some simple steps are followed:

Hialeah Florida Foreclosure Process

  • Getting in touch with your lender as soon as possible when you start experiencing the financial crunch.
  • Makin sure you receive your entire lender calls.
  • Workout plans with your lender as this could really help
  • Attending all the court prosecutions to put up your defense as the court will proceed with or without you.
  • Getting in touch with a HUD approved counselor or agency they will really help avoid your Hialeah foreclosure process.
  • If there seems no way out, then you should get aware of your rights and consider options of refinancing other programs like Homeowners affordability and stability plan (HASP)