Hempstead New York Foreclosure Help, Defense, Laws and Process


At times we plan something positive and in return its opposite happens. There are a lot of persons who take government assistance before doing anything. The current issues faced by people of Hempstead are getting mortgage help and rescue from foreclosure problems. When you fall into something like this your heart gets full of grief and you are not able to think properly. There is a fear of bankruptcy in the minds of the people of Hempstead. This article will basically outline the Hempstead foreclosure process and outline the solutions to the Hempstead foreclosure process. Consider going in for a HUD certified foreclosure process counselor.

Anyone who is already suffering the Hempstead foreclosure process should immediately get in touch with a HUD (Human and Urban Development) approved counselor who will help you work out a plan to stop the foreclosure process with your assets.

There are various sites on which we can get mortgage help and government assistance regarding foreclosure. Even bankruptcy is a day to day issue nowadays. For people in Hempstead there are ways through which they can prevent foreclosure.

Stop Foreclosure in Hempstead, New York

  1. Monitor your credit to safeguard your house: Remember if you want to enjoy the benefit of credit cards then you must know their disadvantages also. If you take your bill payments lightly then you will surely land up in facing foreclosure. So, the best way to stop Hempstead foreclosure process is to keep your credit always in positive.
  2. Get in touch with your lender: at the time of financial crisis it becomes extremely important for you to win the lender’s trust. So it becomes extremely important to get in touch with your lender as soon as you start experiencing financial problems.
  3. Always give a thorough reading to your credit report: Whenever you get your credit report issued from the bank it is necessary to read it carefully because that makes you aware of all the new offers and things to have to opt in order to maintain good credit profile.
  4. Soon after the end of the period of 30 days. The attorney would set up a sheriff’s or public trustee’s sale; this date will be marked as the date of foreclosure. And a notice would be taped to your door, and you will be notified in every possible communication channel. It will also trigger the beginning of the redemption period.
  5. Refinance your mortgage: This option makes your full payment to the lender and never lets you face the auction process. If your credit score is good then your lender won’t enquire much and easily grant you the new loan. Ask for forgiveness: if your deed contains forgiveness clause then you should always use it. This is the method in which you ask for the forgiveness in the amount from your lender. Forbearance is a method you will not repay your loan amount but you will present a new paying plan to your bank so that they give you more time to repay.

Here are some links which will definitely help you out to combat foreclosure in Hempstead.


This links will offer assistance to get a proper foreclosure help in Hempstead.

Hempstead New York Foreclosure Process

Life will be very simple if you take steps carefully and in right direction. If you already know the ways for avoiding Hempstead foreclosure process then you can protect yourself from the state of depression. Some of the ways to avoid the foreclosure in your city are:

  1. Short sale option: if you are not able to think of anything to stop foreclosure then you have to go for short sale option. It is seen that short scale only affects your credit status but doesn’t make you bankrupt.
  2. The process of foreclosure can be initiated either judicially or non-judicially. When initiated judicially then the lender’s attorney files a lawsuit for his client regarding that property, and obtains official orders for foreclosures.
  3. In case the instruments like “Deed of trust” and “mortgage” were signed during the time of lending then this gives the right to sale of the assets in case of non repayment of loans.

Hence it sums up the scenario in Hempstead.