Greensboro North Carolina Foreclosure Help, Defense, Laws and Process


Greensboro has a population of about 223,981 and people of this city have a fair monthly income as well. It is the third largest city of the North Carolina. It is said that the foreclosure rate in the city of Greensboro is very low. People are quite aware of the facts like loan modification and mortgage help. Even they approach for government help and work hard to maintain their credit score. But still there are people who are not able to repair credit in Greensboro and have to face the tragic situation of the Greensboro foreclosure process.

If you are one of the residents of the Greensboro and you are about to face the process of foreclosure then it is necessary for you to take some of the quick actions mentioned below:

Greensboro North Carolina Foreclosure Process

  • Short sale: since Greensboro foreclosure rate is the lowest in the nation, the best option to stop Greensboro foreclosure process is short sale. In this process the lender agrees to pay a fair amount to the borrower so that the home can be sold to avoid foreclosure. Since foreclosures are lowering the property value of the neighborhood area so the process of short sale is used quite a lot. Short sale is the only option through which the mortgage property can be sold otherwise if the foreclosure process takes place then the property is handed over to the bank.
  • Take lender’s help: When the foreclosure process is to be suspended urgently then the only person who can help you is your lender. Try and explain your financial condition to your lender and ask for the help.
  • Move to a counseling agency: There are many agencies which can help you in stopping Greensboro foreclosure process. These agencies know each and every law of the foreclosure and bankruptcy by which they can easily create a rescue path for you. Greensboro most famous counseling agency is GCHC. You can contact them at 3365530946.

Since 2008 many laws and bills have been passed in Greensboro to protect the people from the process of foreclosure. The basic aim behind these bills is to bring lenders, borrowers and bank under the same roof so that the family of lenders and borrowers never lose their home and bank doesn’t lose their money. Some of the bills which can be used to avoid Greensboro foreclosure process are:

  • “Emergency foreclosure reduction act”- HB2623: With this bill an amount of $44 1,000,000 has been provided to the state of the North Carolina to provide maximum number of foreclosures and to help those who are in need of the urgent money.
  • “Residential mortgage fraud act”- HB817: This act helps all the people of Greensboro who are the victims of mortgage fraud. Even this act asks the attorney general to take strict actions against the criminals of this act.
  • “Earlier notification of mortgage servicer fee”-HB2188: Through this act the fees and charges of the lenders are cancelled. And lenders have to inform the borrower before few weeks about the payments so that he can take quick actions.

There are some links which can help you to stop Greensboro foreclosure process:

These links will surely assist you. Further you can just note down these foreclosure assistance points to avoid Greensboro foreclosure process.

Stop Foreclosure in Greensboro, North Carolina

  • Never miss a mail from the mortgage company. These mails usually contain help topics and offer which can be very beneficial for you.
  • If a counseling company is ready to provide free service in Greensboro then you should always avoid such kind of companies as they as fraud.
  • A foreclosure can’t be stopped in 5 minutes. So beware of the false advertisements in which you are given assurance of stopping the foreclosure process in few minutes.

So, in this way you can make out the ways in which you can handle Greensboro foreclosure process and protect your home from the bank.