Colorado Springs Colorado Foreclosure Help, Defense, Laws and Process


Doctors have found out that many diseases such as cancer are caused by mental depression, and much of this depression is brought about by money matters. After days, months and years of toil to develop your home you could still lose everything, which is heartbreaking. This is what most people fear when it comes to taking out mortgage help. The pain of such loss can even put you off social gatherings in fear of people realizing your sorry financial state. This however doesn’t solve the problem; rather it cages you in a mentally created troubled world.

In some cases soliciting for advice from your workmates may help you solve your problems despite how big you think they are. They can help you look for viable methods to repair your credit standing.
The first step in overcoming such a dilemma is accepting your situation and cultivating a will to move on with life. Granted, this fate is not easy and you may need someone; preferably someone with experience with such situations, to walk down the path with you.

Consulting an attorney or an advice agency could do you a great deal of good. The law practitioner you choose should be experienced and capable of guiding you through these matters gainfully. Though you may think this financial dilemma is your end, you may in fact be at the most opportune time to save your property. There are several solutions to stopping or stalling foreclosure, some of them being loan modification and filing for bankruptcy.

Time is of the most importance at this stage. Thus involving other parties could help you come up with sustainable solution in time. The government has combined efforts with other agencies to provide consultancy services regarding foreclosure. Note that this government help is for free. This is where agencies such as HUD come in handy in facilitating this. They source for funds which the federal government tops up to enable homeowners to retain their homes.

Stop foreclosure in Colorado Springs, Colorado

It is always good to persevere till the end. Quitting at the initial stages could be the most dangerous thing to do when you still have time and a good chance of retaining your property.

  • Let it be known –As we said earlier it could be better if you confide in others about your financial situation, in which case they might be able to help you rather than keep it to yourself and risk losing your property. Friends are there to help. Involving them is considered good and healthy.
  • Communicate with your creditor – One mistake that most debtors do is hiding from their creditor. This gives your lender the impression that you are not honoring your agreement hence they will be prompted to pressure you and won’t care to understand or listen to your predicament. When you let them know your state they may be willing to give you some more time. This would have stopped the foreclosure. Avoidance should therefore never be used as a strategy.
  • Look for legal help – Involving experienced attorneys in your case could play a big part in stopping the looming foreclosure. But in this endeavor it is always advisable to stay clear of unscrupulous service providers who may not provide proper services and may actually lead to you losing you property. Through the right procedures; in either judicial or non judicial foreclosure, you might have an opportunity to save your property.
  • Source for money – You can directly source for money by reducing your home expenses and selling off property that you don’t need. Once you get the funds you could forward them to your lender to halt the foreclosure process.

Colorado Springs, Colorado foreclosure process

  1. The time line in this state is 4 months.
  2. Both judicial and non judicial foreclosure processes are used in practice.
  3. Once the loan repayment period expires the lender can legally post a notice to the debtor.
  4. Once the lender is cleared they can sell the property to recover the money.