Bronx New York Foreclosure Help, Defense, Laws and Process


For many of us owning a home is really a desire which comes true but at times situations turn upside down and some unforeseen difficulties ruin our joy forever. Lot of us have fiscal problems which rise so much that we are unable to deal with problems and as an outcome we land up facing a foreclosure. This article will guide you about the foreclosure process notably used in Bronx. It will provide you with some government help links related to foreclosure as well as foreclosure avoidance help. If you will ignore your mortgage payments in Bronx city then you will definitely land up in a worse condition and then even mortgage help wouldn’t work. So prevent the situation of foreclosure as much as possible by following each and every advice given to you. Bronx foreclosure starts if the borrower doesn’t take any kind of initiative to stop it on time. If a borrower doesn’t attend court meetings then a case is filed against the borrower. Even then the court may take decision in favor of the borrower and auction date may be scheduled then. The Bronx foreclosure proceedings do not take place outside the court bounds.

Stop Foreclosure in Bronx, New York

Before you are left empty hands, Bronx foreclosure can be stopped by using these details as follows:

  • Search for different sources: Foreclosure process is not end of life. One must not lose of and find other sources to pay mortgage payments in any condition. For this you can sell your vehicle, you can take out money from bank, you may minimize your family expenditure for few months. In Bronx there are many part time jobs which offer good earnings look out for them.
  • Reach your lender: After searching for alternatives you must visit your lender to convince him for delaying the foreclosure process. Butter him as much as possible and provide him with the details of the money you have collected.
  • Take Quick actions: In Bronx you may find many service companies who handle your foreclosure contact them and discuss with them some options like short sale, action to be taken in lieu of foreclosure, claiming advance from the bank, and Re- amortization technique.

You may take online help on Bronx foreclosure by visiting links like is a local service company website that assists in home foreclosure process. will help you by providing hotline numbers related to foreclosure assistance. and visit there the foreclosure process details. Even this link: link can guide you very well throughout the whole foreclosure process in Bronx.

Bronx laws provide you with some facts that may help you in avoiding Bronx foreclosure. There are two types of foreclosure process that take place in Bronx: Judicial and Non judicial. Judicial foreclosure help is always available in Bronx. You can even use security instruments like mortgage papers and deed of trust. In Bronx Lenders may start with the foreclosure process using deed of mortgage. In Judicial process the best way to avoid foreclosure is by paying in the time limit set by the court. The time provided to you is basically of 3 months. So you can utilize that time very well to pay off your debt. If your lender follows non judicial Bronx foreclosure process then it may be difficult for you to avoid anything. This is because in this case the power of selling clause is used by the lender to start the foreclosure process. So, never sign up for a non judicial foreclosure process. Foreclosure can be avoided using debt assistance and lawyers use chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy to help you in avoiding foreclosure.

For Bronx foreclosure assistance you should approach local companies including credit counseling companies and request for more credit options. In this way you may help yourself from losing your home or any other property. Local attorney, non-profit giving companies, mortgage brokers and even your past clients can provide you with foreclosure assistance in a defined way.