BB&T Corporation Foreclosure Process, Loan and Mortgage Modification Programs


BB&T Corporation has been running successful operations in the past year. The year 2009 marks a great year for this bank as it was a recipient of $165.3 billion worth of assets. This is a service bank that does commercial and retail services, corporate finance, brokerage, leasing, payment services and a lot more. Because of the wide selection of services that they have to offer, their operations have grown in the past years. All over the US, they have branches such as in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and other places that is more than 1,850. There are a lot of people in need of financial assistance have relied on BB&T for help.

BB&T Corporation Foreclosure Assistance and Mortgage Modifications

BB&T Corporation offers convenience to their customers when it comes to keeping their homes. They get to choose from the home retention and forbearance for loan modification programs. The latter loan modification program is what most people opt for because it does not only prevent foreclosure but it also works for the betterment of the individual’s financial account.

Should there be any difficulties with loan modification program payments; BB&T will gladly help their clients. There are a lot of loan modification options possible in order for an individual or family to retain their homes. Whichever loan modification package option is availed of, it will surely give you the benefit of having easier payment terms. The chances of foreclosure or even bankruptcy will not be that big anymore with the right loan modification program. It is always better to take the risk in applying to try if it will be approved or not. Once it does, problems with loan payments will be a thing of the past.

Mortgage Payment Assistance

As with other loan modification institutions, the hardship letter is always needed prior to processing the loan modification program application. This must be completed before applying for the loan modification. It is very important to include all the necessary information in the letter for their approval. State which hardship you are currently experiencing with the history. In addition to this, you should also include the proof of income as supporting documents to the loan modification.

Contact Information:

BB&T Corporation is serious when it comes to customer service. They have a BB&T Phone24 which is a phone service that runs 24 hours each day that will assist caller for inquiries and concerns about their services. Just call 1-800-BANK-BBT (1-800-226-5228) to address your concerns with them.

Client Service Associates are available to assist you from 6:00 a.m. until midnight Eastern Time. To speak with an associate, press 0 after selecting one of your BB&T accounts.