Aurora Colorado Foreclosure Help, Defense, Laws and Process


The public trustee according to Colorado foreclosure law states that a copy of the notice filed in the court of law should be posted to the borrower within twenty days of the first publication notice of the sale. More and more each day, many borrowers are finding themselves facing foreclosure. However, this doesn’t have to happen if help is sought in good time. Seek government assistance early enough to avoid losses. Joint efforts are being made at national level to help out those in risk of facing foreclosure. Government help is promptly available for those who might not know where to turn to in case of any eventualities. Repair credit so that you may qualify next time for any other loan that you might need.

Stop foreclosure in Aurora, Colorado

In Colorado, foreclosures take place in both court and out of court proceedings. The most common process is managed by a public trustee whereby an out of court takes about six months to finalize. For each county, a public trustee is either elected by the public or appointed by the governor.

An out of court foreclosure process starts when the lender files all the necessary documents with the public trustee to ask for a sale of property. Once the documents have been recorded officially, the foreclosure sale is scheduled.

After the auction has been planned, the lender has to get a different court order permitting the sale. A hearing of the case is scheduled to judge the matter. All concerned parties are notified and if no one contests that the case, the court proceeds with the sale without a hearing.

Bankruptcy can also be used as a way of halting the foreclosure process from taking place. Before the expiry of the 21 days, you can apply for a loan modification to offset any pending payments. The borrower can settle the debt before noon on the day of the sale to stop the foreclosure process.

The sale is published in a local daily for 12 weeks and a copy is mailed to the borrower. Any person is free to bid and if a different person wins the bid except the lender, payments must be done in cash. A certificate of purchase is also issued to the winner. A redemption period is no longer viable after a foreclosure sale. Mortgage help is also another alternative to acquiring property if one is not in a position to buy using their regular income. This is a key avoidance tactic to keep off foreclosure.

Aurora, Colorado foreclosure process

Judicial foreclosure is used when no power of sale clause is included in the security instrument. In Colorado, the lender must sue the debtor to obtain a court order to foreclose. Non -judicial process is used when a power of sale clause authorizing the lender to sell the property in the event of default is included in the loan document. The Colorado process differs from most other states because the governor appoints a Public Trustee for each county.

The public trustee must also post a copy of the notice of election as well as a copy of the notice of sale to the borrower. In other cases the defaulter may stop the process by filing a notice of intent to cure with the public trustee at least 15 days before the auction. The sale is supposed to take place between forty five and sixty days after the recording of the notice. An attorney will be able to offer court representation and better legal advice in case of foreclosure. An advice agency also offers legal assistance to those who are at risk of facing foreclosure.